Connie Baxter

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Connie Baxter (RMT) is joining the Meadowlark Chiropractic Clinic. She brings with her over 25 years of clinical and practical experience as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Her training… She engages in a collaborative approach with her clients in assessing, addressing, and achieving their treatment goals.

Connie is skilled in many areas of massage therapy, including the following:

  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish
  • Pre/post-natal massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial and Connective Tissue Release
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Thai Table Massage
  • Stretching
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Fire Cupping

Through her training, Connie is able to assess and treat TMJ disorders and postural distortions such as forward head posture, rounded shoulders, hip rotations, scoliosis, and ‘tech-neck’—the cause of headaches and body pain so common with office workers.  She is aware of the stress that emotional and physical pain causes the body, whether it is pregnancy and delivery, injuries, illness, work-related, and/or aging issues. Connie combines modern and ancient treatments to aid in the healing process. The result is a refreshed, relaxed, and healthy body.

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